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Parliament House

Commemorative Florins ReverseCommemorative Florins Obverse Reverse DesignerGeorge Kruger GrayObverse DesignerSir E. B. MacKennelWeight11.31 gramsSize28.5 mmWeight11.3099994415Size28.5Coin NameCommemorative Florins


H2Parliament House


Sort Index19270133Date Start1927Date EndChildren0Members4Australia1928FlorinCanberraUniface obversePREdge
The Canberra Florin, designed by Kruger Gray, was issued to commemorative the opening of the now, Old Parliament House, in 1927. It is one of Australia's most popular coins and widely considered to be the most attractive Australian coin. This beauty, often matched with rainbow Discolouration of the surface of a coin caused by environmental exposuretoningtoning due to typical storage conditions, combined with the affordability and availability of the piece in the upper grades makes it a worthwhile acquisition for collectors and non-collectors alike.

The piece is available right up to MS67 though the The tails side of the coinreversereverse strike and the typical concentration of Surface marks caused by impact from other coins during the handling process before the coin enters circulationbagmarksbagmarks on the The heads side of the coinobverseobverse, usually limits the date to at best an MS65 grading. The date is usually found in MS63 though does occasionally make it into MS64, examples below MS63 have almost certainly been circulated. Finding an example in MS65 or higher can be quite a challenge.


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