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1943-I Half Penny

With World War II in full force, metals being diverted to the war effort and an increase in spending due with foreign troops stationed in Australia, Australia sought the help of foreign
mints to produce its circulating currency. Pennies and half pennies were, while produced at the Perth and Melbourne
mints, also produced at the Bombay
mint in India with 6 million half pennies being struck there in 1943.

The Bombay
mint 1943 half penny can be identified by a number of features. A dot
mintmark before and after HALF PENNY on the
reverse. Thicker
rim beading and an I
mintmark underneath the bust of King George VI on the

Dot before H of the 1943-I Half Penny

Dot after Y of the 1943-I Half Penny

The mintmark I under King George V on the obverse

The date is one of the easier in the series with one
mint roll surfacing offering pieces with full
mint brilliance to the marketplace. The coin has an added demand from type set collectors due to its sharp strike and heavy
rim beading providing a better representation piece for the series, especially when compared to the typically weak Perth
mint strikes.
Currently Available
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Reverse Designer
George Kruger Gray
Obverse Designer
Thomas H. Paget
25.5 mm
Copper: 97%
Zinc: 2.5%
Tin: 0.5%
Bullion Value
1943-I  Half Penny Reverse

1943-I  Half Penny Reverse


Grade Value AUD
XF40 20¢
AU50 45¢
AU55 $2
AU58 $9
MS62BN $65
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Currently Available

Australia George VI - 1943-I Half Penny Current Bid: $1.00 (1 bid)
Estimate: $60 - $75
Bidders: 1
Lot 9283 Uncertified Uncirculated 39 days
NumisBid Auction #33
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30-May-2014 7:00 PM AEST
Walter Eigner Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Member Since: Jul-2013
Australia George VI - 1943-I Half Penny Reserve: $1.00
Estimate: $8 - $10
Lot 9296 Uncertified about Uncirculated 61 days
NumisBid Auction #34
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21-June-2014 7:00 PM AEST
Walter Eigner Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Member Since: Jul-2013

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  • mint - a facility that produces coins
  • mintmark - A marking, usually a letter or dot that signifies which mint struck a particular coin
  • reverse - The tails side of the coin
  • rim beading - Beads or denticles around the rim of a coin
  • obverse - The heads side of the coin
  • mint roll - A common means of distributing coins where a mint stores coins in paper rolls before distributing them to banks
  • mint brilliance - The original golden-red-orange-pink colour of a copper coin

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