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1925 Penny

The 1925 penny is a
key date of the penny series, after Australia's glamor coin, the 1930 penny (1930 Penny). A total of 117,600 pennies were struck at the Melbourne
mint that year, along with 832,000 pennies at the Sydney
mint indicating a total
mintage of 949,600 coins. The soon to close Sydney
mint however, struck pennies that year using 1924 dies and consequently only 117,600 pennies were struck with the date of 1925 (Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2001) making it the 2nd scarcest
business strike penny (aside from

The 1925 penny is keenly sought after in all grades due to the popularity of assembling penny sets but in recent times has enjoyed much stronger demand brought about by speculating collectors hoarding the date in order to benefit from collectors eventually needing to source the date to help complete their collections.

While 1925 pennies do appear at auction described as bring uncirculated several times per year, very few of these coins are actually able to be certified at the
mint state level and in general either no grade for cleaning, or slab at the AU55-58 level. Consequently they are highly sought after in
mint state slabs with PCGS only having certified two examples (PCGS Population Report, 2010).

With such a low
mintage and having been struck at a single
mint, the likelihood of
varieties existing is very low. Despite this, one
variety has been sighted which involves a broken second 'N' in 'PENNY' (Triton Technologies International Ltd, 2001). This is most likely some form of
die fill which occurs in later strikes and consequently only commands small premiums in lower grades.

Broken 'N' in 'PENNY'

In 1925 the Melbourne mint also produced a
proof penny (1925 Proof Penny).
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Reverse Designer
W. H. J. Blakemore
Obverse Designer
Sir E. B. MacKennel
9.45 grams
30.8 mm
Copper: 97%
Zinc: 2.5%
Tin: 0.5%
Bullion Value
1925  Penny Reverse

1925  Penny Reverse


Grade Value AUD
F12 $55
VF20 $70
VF25 $85
VF30 $105
VF35 $145
XF40 $200
XF45 $290
AU50 $575
AU53 $825
AU55 $1200
AU58 $2800
MS62BN $8750
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Currently Available

Australia George V - 1925 Penny Current Bid: $25.00 (2 bids)
Estimate: $80 - $100
Bidders: 2
Lot 9033 Uncertified Very Fine 21 days
NumisBid Auction #32
Other Australian Coins
09-May-2014 7:00 PM AEST
Walter Eigner Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Member Since: Jul-2013

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  • key date - A difficult date to acquire in any grade, hence being the key to a series
  • mint - a facility that produces coins
  • mintage - The number of coins struck of a particular designation
  • business strike - A coin struck for circulation
  • variety - A coin which features a slightly different design from that which is normally seen
  • mint state - A state of a coin that shows no signs of circulation
  • die fill - Filling of a device on the die with residue, usually oil from die cleaning, causing parts of the design not to be complete when the coin is struck
  • proof - A coin struck from specially prepared dies to strike a superior quality coin not intended for circulation

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