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1935 Penny

George V


1935 Penny Reverse1935 Penny Obverse Mintage3,724,800Reverse DesignerW. H. J. BlakemoreObverse DesignerSir E. B. MacKennelWeight11.34 gramsSize30.8 mmCompositionCopper97.0%Zinc2.5%Tin0.5%Bullion Value$0.07
The 1935 penny is one of the more common dates in the series in high grades, being one of the last dates of the series, second only to the 1936 (learn more), many were hoarded for being different after the Kangaroo The tails side of the coinreverse was introduced into circulation in 1938. This makes the coin relatively common in AU or better.

In addition, the coin is generally well struck up and often features a reflective, A coin that resembles the appearance of a proof coin of the same type, often resulting from being struck from the same diesproof-like finish, not to be confused with the A coin struck from specially prepared dies to strike a superior quality coin not intended for circulationproof strikes (learn more) which feature an intense mirror finish, which aids in the abundance of higher grade examples though the date is still only known by one example above MS64 (PCGS Population Report, 2011).
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