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1951-PL Sixpence

George VI


1951-PL Sixpence Reverse1951-PL Sixpence Obverse Mintage20,024,000Reverse DesignerW. H. J. BlakemoreObverse DesignerThomas H. PagetWeight2.83 gramsSize19 mmCountryAustraliaDateMM1951-PLDenominationSixpenceVarietyGeorge VIPrefixMSWeight2.82750001589Size19EdgeReededFace CurrencyAUDFace Value0.05Mintage2002400013371951-PL SixpenceCompositionSilver50.0%0.5Copper40.0%0.400000006Nickel5.0%0.0500000007Zinc5.0%0.0500000007Silver0.5Copper0.400000006Nickel0.0500000007Zinc0.0500000007Bullion Value$1
In 1951 the Royal a facility that produces coinsmintmint London produced 40 million sixpence for Australia distinguished from the 1951 Melbourne a facility that produces coinsmintmint sixpence 1951 Sixpence1335(learn more) by the A marking, usually a letter or dot that signifies which mint struck a particular coinmintmarkmintmark PL, abbreviated from pecunia londīniī (money of London) or percussa londīniō (struck at London).

PL mintmark of the 1951 London sixpence

The 1951-PL sixpence by far the most common sixpence of the Type II George VI series due to the large initial The number of coins struck of a particular designationmintagemintage and while the coin is always very well struck up, the surfaces are often Surface marks caused by impact from other coins during the handling process before the coin enters circulationbaggedbagmarks due to the rough shipping process from London to Australia. Consequently grades above MS64 can be quite scarce even though the coin is often given a Gem or FDC grading in Australia, microscopic hairlines typically result in a grading of around MS63 to MS64.

Due to the coin being well struck up and the general unfamiliarity many collectors have with grading George VI Commonwealth coins, one must be extra careful in differentiating a dipped circulated piece with a A state of a coin that shows no signs of circulationmint statemint state coin.


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