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1910 Threepence

Edward VII


1910 Threepence Reverse1910 Threepence Obverse MintageAn additional 6,000,000 pieces were minted in 1911 bearing the date 19102,032,034Reverse DesignerW. H. J. BlakemoreObverse DesignerGeorge W. De SaulesWeight1.41 gramsSize17 mmCountryAustraliaDateMM1910DenominationThreepenceVarietyEdward VIIPrefixMSWeight1.41374985243Size17EdgePlainFace CurrencyAUDFace Value0.025Mintage2032034Mintage InfoAn additional 6,000,000 pieces were minted in 1911 bearing the date 191012131910 ThreepenceCompositionSilver92.5%0.9250000119Copper7.5%0.075000003Silver0.9250000119Copper0.075000003Bullion Value$1
The threepence series started in 1910 in the last year of Edward VII's reign and was struck at the Royal a facility that produces coinsMintmint in London. The The tails side of the coinreversereverse features the Coat of Arms with ADVANCE AUSTRALIA across the scroll, THREEPENCE up the top and the year of issue down the bottom. The The heads side of the coinobverseobverse features King Edward VII facing to the right with the The inscription around the inner edge of the coinlegendlegend, EDWARDVS VII D : G : BRITT : OMN : REX F : D : IND : IMP (Edward VII, by the grace of god, ruler and king of Britain, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India).

The 1910 is one of the most common threepence, much more common than any George V issue. This is due in part to its high initial The number of coins struck of a particular designationmintagemintage, over 8 million, a necessarily high figure in order to meet the coinage demand of the nation, but also due to the fact that the design is different; Lasting just one year, the 1910 threepence's unique design ensured that many were hoarded. Consequently the coin is very common in A state of a coin that shows no signs of circulationmint statemint state and an easy slot to fill for the A collection consisting of one coin of each type and possibly varietytype settype set collector.

The coin is usually quite well struck up though some strike weakness is often found on the The heads side of the coinobverseobverse, in particular around the center of the design as in the below illustration.

Softly struck 1910 threepence

The strike weakness tends to only affect the The heads side of the coinobverseobverse indicating that it is due to the uneven weight distribution of the design rather than A cylindrical punch with an inverted impression of a coin's design used to strike the coindiedie wear or filling.


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