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1998 Ten Dollar

Melbourne Tram


1998 Ten Dollar Reverse1998 Ten Dollar Obverse Mintage20,000Reverse DesignerWojciech PietranikObverse DesignerIan Rank-BroadleyWeight20.77 gramsSize34 mmCountryAustraliaDateMM1998DenominationTen DollarVarietyMelbourne TramPrefixMSWeight20.7699986636Size34EdgeReededFace CurrencyAUDFace Value10Mintage20000CompositionSilver92.5%0.925000011920929Copper7.5%7.50000029802322E-02Bullion Value$13.11
This is the fourth silver A coin struck from specially prepared dies to strike a superior quality coin not intended for circulationproofproof coin from a A coin struck differing from the standard design to commemorate an eventcommemorativecommemorative set called the Australian Landmark series and it celebrates the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The series was released in three stages with 6 coins altogether released in pairs according to three themes between the years of 1997-1999. The three themes were Sydney, Melbourne and the Snowy Mountains. This particular coin is of course taken from the Melbourne theme issued in 1998, in which it was paired with a coin commemorating Melbourne Cricket Ground 1998 Ten Dollar2707(learn more). The Sydney pair, released in 1997 commemorates Sydney Opera House 1997 Ten Dollar2690(learn more) and The Sydney Harbour Bridge 1997 Ten Dollar2691(learn more). Finally the Snowy Mountain themed pair was issued in 1999 and commemorates the Snowy Mountains Dam 1999 Ten Dollar2738(learn more) and the Snowy Mountains Tunnel 1999 Ten Dollar2739(learn more). All six of the coins were stuck into sterling silver and feature quality design and workmanship from the Royal Australian Mint.

The The tails side of the coinreversereverse of this silver coin was designed by Wojciech Pietranik and features the Melbourne Tram. The The inscription around the inner edge of the coinlegendlegend above reads MELBOURNE and the one below is the denomination 10 DOLLARS. The The heads side of the coinobverseobverse features the traditional portrait of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as designed by Ian Rank-Braodley and the The inscription around the inner edge of the coinlegendlegend ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1998. The original packaging for this coin and its pair was an oblong box with a photograph featuring both the view over Melbourne City. COINS OF THE VICTORIAN CAPITAL is written above and MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA 1998 below. A tin box is included inside in which the two coins are presented and accompanied with a small booklet.
1998 Australian Landmarks (Sterling Currency, 2013)243Website
Sterling Currency
Victorian Capital
6/7/2013 4:30:40 PM

The Melbourne tram is the largest urban tram network in the world. The first tram line opened in 1884 and consisted of a horse tramline and in 1906 the first electric systems were used and have been ever since. Today there is more than 250 km of track with 487 trams that stop at 1,763 tram stops. (Wikipedia, 2013)245Website
Melbourne Tram
6/7/2013 6/7/2013 6:40:50 PM
It is an extremely popular method of travel around the Victorian Capital amongst locals and tourists alike. When it comes to public transport, only the commuter railway network see's more passengers than the Melbourne tram. In 2011-2012 191.6 million passenger trips were made and this figure continues to rise on a yearly basis. It is a characteristic part of Melbourne lifestyle and has become somewhat of a tourist attraction in itself. The tram has been incorporated into a number of national events including the Melbourne 2006 commonwealth games and was also used by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on a 2011 visit to the city.



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