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1857 Half Sovereign

The first year that
business strikes bearing the wreathed bust were struck was 1857, during which 537,000 half sovereigns were struck. Despite the relatively high
mintage the date has, especially in recent times, been quite difficult to acquire. The date is quite common in the higher grades as many top-quality examples were found in the Indian
hoard. It would seem that most are residing in private collections.
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Reverse Designer
L. C. Lyon
Obverse Designer
L. C. Lyon
0.1177 oz
19 mm
Gold: 91.67%
Silver: 8.33%
Bullion Value
1857  Half Sovereign Reverse

1857  Half Sovereign Reverse


Grade Value AUD
VG8 $290
F12 $420
VF20 $700
XF40 $1200
XF45 $1650
AU50 $2100
AU53 $3000
AU55 $3700
AU58 $8500
MS60 $9250
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  • business strike - A coin struck for circulation
  • mintage - The number of coins struck of a particular designation
  • hoard - A large number of coins found from a single source that have never before reached the collector market

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