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1943-S Florin

George VI


1943-S Florin Reverse1943-S Florin Obverse Mintage11,000,000Reverse DesignerGeorge Kruger GrayObverse DesignerThomas H. PagetWeight11.31 gramsSize28.5 mmCountryAustraliaDateMM1943-SDenominationFlorinVarietyGeorge VIPrefixMSWeight11.3099994415Size28.5EdgeReededFace CurrencyAUDFace Value0.2Mintage1100000014881943-S FlorinCompositionSilver92.5%0.9250000119Copper7.5%0.075000003Silver0.9250000119Copper0.075000003Bullion Value$10
In 1943 the San Francisco a facility that produces coinsmintmint struck 11 million Australian florins bearing the Kruger Gray design of the Coat of Arms on the The tails side of the coinreversereverse and Paget's portrait of King George VI on the The heads side of the coinobverseobverse. The San Francisco a facility that produces coinsmintmint assisted the Melbourne mint in the production of 1943 Australian florin 1943 Florin1487(learn more), these can be differentiated from the San Francisco a facility that produces coinsmintmint issue by the absence of an S A marking, usually a letter or dot that signifies which mint struck a particular coinmintmarkmintmark above the date.

1943 Melbourne mint florin

1943 San Francisco mint florin

The San Francisco mint issue, despite the lower The number of coins struck of a particular designationmintagemintage is a easier coin to acquire in A state of a coin that shows no signs of circulationmint statemint state due to the abundance of A common means of distributing coins where a mint stores coins in paper rolls before distributing them to banksmint rollsmint roll surfacing from the Vienna hoard. While a number of examples are available in MS65, sourcing one can be quite a challenge with most locked away in private collections.


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