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1919 Half Penny

George V


1919 Half Penny Reverse1919 Half Penny Obverse Mintage3,326,400Reverse DesignerW. H. J. BlakemoreObverse DesignerSir E. B. MacKennelWeight5.67 gramsSize25.5 mmCountryAustraliaDateMM1919DenominationHalf PennyVarietyGeorge VPrefixMSWeight5.6699991425Size25.5EdgePlainFace CurrencyAUDFace Value0.0042Mintage33264009981919 Half PennyCompositionCopper97.0%0.9700000286Zinc2.5%0.0250000004Tin0.5%0.0049999999Copper0.9700000286Zinc0.0250000004Tin0.0049999999Bullion Value5c
The 1919 is one of the easiest dates in the George V half penny series, especially if sought in A state of a coin that shows no signs of circulationmint statemint state and one of the few dates that is readily available in MS64 and higher. This is primarily due a number of Sydney A common means of distributing coins where a mint stores coins in paper rolls before distributing them to banksmint rollsmint roll surfacing along with 1920 1920 Half Penny1000(learn more), 1921 1921 Half Penny1001(learn more) and 1922 rolls 1922 Half Penny1003(learn more). Unlike the 1920-1922 rolls, the 1919 half pennies all had considerable original The original golden-red-orange-pink colour of a copper coinmint brilliancemint brilliance making the issue abundant in The colour designation of a copper coin that has between 5% and 95% of its original mint brilliance remainingred-brownred-brown designations and even with several in the elusive The colour designation of a copper coin that has at least 95% of its original mint brillianceredred designation available.

The type does often suffer a A weak strike around the centre of the design caused by a lack of concavity in the dies relative to strike pressure.central strike weaknesscentral strike weakness which can preclude grades higher than the MS64-65 range, nevertheless the typically superb surfaces of the coins of the Sydney a facility that produces coinsmintmint make this coin a frequent candidate as a A coin chosen to represent a series in a type set, usually for cost or quality reasonstype cointype coin.

Central strike weakness on the reverse of a 1919 half penny

Central strike weakness on the obverse of a 1919 half penny

The above illustrations show the typical strike weakness on 1919 half pennies, some softness on the The tails side of the coinreversereverse central lettering and the crown and cheek of his majesty King George V.

The Sydney a facility that produces coinsmintmint also produced a A coin struck from an early circulation die state, not intended for circulationspecimenspecimen strike in 1919 1919 Specimen Half Penny1627(learn more).


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