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1922 Half Penny

The 1922 half penny is one of the easier dates in the series owing to its high initial
mintage of nearing 7 million coins. It is available right up to MS66 thanks to two
bank rolls surfacing but most of the coins were toned
brown and finding higher grade examples with original
mint brilliance can be quite difficult. If original
mint brilliance is not desired, this coin makes an excellent
type coin due to its availability in MS65 and up.

The date is sometimes very softly struck, particularly noticeable around the pearls of the crown of King George V. This may limit the grading of a
mint state coin to MS64 but such examples were not from either of the surfaced
mint rolls so one must be careful not to confuse a worn coin with artificial color with a softly struck piece.

Like the 1919 (1919 Half Penny), 1920 (1920 Half Penny) and 1921 (1921 Half Penny) half pennies, the 1922 suffers from a
central strike weakness but also some softness around the

Soft N of ONE of a 1922 half penny
Soft N of ONE of a 1922 half penny

Soft crown of a 1922 half penny
Soft crown of a 1922 half penny

The above illustrations show the typical
central strike weakness of 1922 half pennies, this doesn't affect all 1922 half pennies but most are affected by a soft

Soft rim of a 1922 half penny
Soft rim of a 1922 half penny

The above illustration, the
obverse of an NGC MS66 1922 half penny shows the typical soft
rim of a 1922 half penny on even the finest gems.

The Sydney
mint also produced a
specimen strike in 1922 (1922 Specimen Half Penny).
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Reverse Designer
W. H. J. Blakemore
Obverse Designer
Sir E. B. MacKennel
25.5 mm
Copper: 97%
Zinc: 2.5%
Tin: 0.5%
Bullion Value
1922  Half Penny Reverse

1922  Half Penny Reverse


Grade Value AUD
F12 $1
VF20 $3
VF25 $5
VF30 $8
VF35 $10
XF40 $14
AU50 $38
AU53 $65
AU55 $75
AU58 $85
MS62BN $145
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  • mintage - The number of coins struck of a particular designation
  • bank roll - A common means of distributing coins where a bank would roll coins before distributing them to branches or customers
  • brown - A copper coin practically devoid of any original mint brilliance
  • mint brilliance - The original golden-red-orange-pink colour of a copper coin
  • type coin - A coin chosen to represent a series in a type set, usually for cost or quality reasons
  • mint state - A state of a coin that shows no signs of circulation
  • mint roll - A common means of distributing coins where a mint stores coins in paper rolls before distributing them to banks
  • central strike weakness - A weak strike around the centre of the design caused by a lack of concavity in the dies relative to strike pressure.
  • rim - The edge around a coin, often with beading or denticles
  • obverse - The heads side of the coin
  • mint - a facility that produces coins
  • specimen - A coin struck from an early circulation die state, not intended for circulation

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