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1929 Half Penny

The 1929 half penny is a comparatively scarce date when compared with the 1926 (1926 Half Penny), 1927 (1927 Half Penny) or later date half pennies and if considered in
mint state, it is by no means common. The reasonably sizable
mintage of approximately 2.6 million pieces makes this year readily available in circulated grades but with only 25 examples certified in
mint state, the highest being an MS65RB (PCGS Population Report, 2011), obtaining a
mint state example of this coin will certainly require patience and reasonable funding.

The year is usually quite well struck up due to the refined minting process at the Melbourne
mint but the mass handling methods ensure the coin is usually covered in
surface hairlines which averages the
mint state examples down to MS63.

With 7 years of potential circulation before there was any incentive to hoard this coin, few examples have survived around the XF to AU range, most examples tending to be in
mint state or in lower circulated grades.

The Melbourne
mint also produced a
proof of record strike in 1929 (1929 Proof Half Penny).
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Reverse Designer
W. H. J. Blakemore
Obverse Designer
Sir E. B. MacKennel
25.5 mm
Copper: 97%
Zinc: 2.5%
Tin: 0.5%
Bullion Value
1929  Half Penny Reverse

1929  Half Penny Reverse


Grade Value AUD
F12 $3
VF20 $10
VF25 $16
VF30 $24
VF35 $30
XF40 $34
AU50 $100
AU53 $115
AU55 $140
AU58 $240
MS62BN $250
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Currently Available

Australia George V - 1929 Half Penny Current Bid: $180.00 (6 bids)
Estimate: $600 - $725
Bidders: 2
Lot 8077 PCGS MS63BN 19 days
NumisBid Auction #32
Pre-Decimal Coins
07-May-2014 7:30 PM AEST
Walter Eigner Pty Ltd
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Member Since: Jul-2013

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  • mint state - A state of a coin that shows no signs of circulation
  • mintage - The number of coins struck of a particular designation
  • mint - a facility that produces coins
  • surface hairlines - Fine surface marks caused by other coins scraping against them
  • proof of record - A proof or specimen strike intended to represent a circulation piece produced for mint records

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