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Edward VII1910Shillings ReverseShillings ObverseGeorge V1911 - 1936Shillings ReverseShillings ObverseGeorge VI1937 - 1952Shillings ReverseShillings ObverseElizabeth II1953 - 1963Shillings ReverseShillings ObverseCommemoratives1927Shillings ReverseShillings Obversevalues-1.htmlShilling Values


Valuations1910-26 Business Strikes1910 (Edward VII)1911 (George V)1912 (George V)1913 (George V)1914 (George V)1915 (George V)1915-H (George V)1916-M (George V)1917-M (George V)1918-M (George V)1920-M (George V)1921-* (George V)1922 (George V)1924 (George V)1925/3 Overdate (George V)1926 (George V)1927-441927 (George V)1928 (George V)1931 (George V)1933 (George V)1934 (George V)1935 (George V)1936 (George V)1938 (George VI)1939 (George VI)1940 (George VI)1941 (George VI)1942 (George VI)1942-S (George VI)1943 (George VI)1943-S (George VI)1944 (George VI)1944-S (George VI)1946-591946 (George VI)1946-P (George VI)1948 (George VI)1950 (George VI)1952 (George VI)1953 (Elizabeth II)1954 (Elizabeth II)1955 (Elizabeth II)1956 (Elizabeth II)1957 (Elizabeth II)1958 (Elizabeth II)1959 (Elizabeth II)1960-631960 (Elizabeth II)1961 (Elizabeth II)1962 (Elizabeth II)1963 (Elizabeth II)1921-37 Proof Strikes1921-* (George V)1911 Matte (George V)1915-H (George V)1920-* Pattern (George V)1924 (George V)1925/3 Overdate (George V)1926 (George V)1927 (George V)1927 Uniface obverse (George V)1928 (George V)1931 (George V)1934 (George V)1936 (George V)1937 Pattern (George VI)1937 Uniface Pattern (George VI)1937 Uniface Pattern with denticles (George VI)1938-631938 (George VI)1939 (George VI)1945 Pattern (George VI)1946 (George VI)1953 (Elizabeth II)1955 (Elizabeth II)1956 (Elizabeth II)1957 (Elizabeth II)1958 (Elizabeth II)1959 (Elizabeth II)1960 (Elizabeth II)1961 (Elizabeth II)1962 (Elizabeth II)1963 (Elizabeth II)1910-46 Specimen Strikes1910 (Edward VII)1911 (George V)1916-M (George V)1917-M (George V)1918-M Pattern (0.500 Silver) (George V)1918-M (George V)1919-M Pattern (George V)1920-M (George V)1921-* (George V)1922 (George V)1933 (George V)1935 (George V)1946-P (George VI)
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