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1857 Half Sovereign

Sydney Mint Type II


1857 Half Sovereign Reverse1857 Half Sovereign Obverse MintageMintage figure includes 1857/5 Overdate537,000Reverse DesignerL. C. LyonObverse DesignerL. C. LyonWeight3.99 gramsSize19 mmCountryAustraliaDateMM1857DenominationHalf SovereignVarietySydney Mint Type IIPrefixMSWeight3.9934790159Size19EdgeReededFace CurrencyGBPFace Value0.5Mintage537000Mintage Info5691857 Half SovereignMintage Shares5701857/5 Overdate Half SovereignCompositionGold91.7%0.9167000055Silver8.3%0.0833000019Gold0.9167000055Silver0.0833000019Bullion Value$160
The first year that A coin struck for circulationbusiness strikesbusiness strike bearing the wreathed bust were struck was 1857, during which 537,000 half sovereigns were struck. Despite the relatively high The number of coins struck of a particular designationmintagemintage the date has, especially in recent times, been quite difficult to acquire. The date is quite common in the higher grades as many top-quality examples were found in the Indian A large number of coins found from a single source that have never before reached the collector markethoardhoard. It would seem that most are residing in private collections.


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